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More so than at any other time in recent history, cities and counties have been tasked to “do more with less.” With some of the tightest budgets on record, municipalities are struggling to overhaul their organizations, increase revenue, increase transparency, streamline staff and achieve their missions. Panorama understands these pressures, and partners with cities and counties to deliver insight, create momentum and achieve results, usually by implementing municipal government ERP systems.

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Transformation: Process Improvement & Municipal Government ERP Systems


In this time of austerity and accountability, there is no room for transformation that takes too long, cost too much and don’t deliver the expected returns. Panorama’s local government ERP services are designed to assess city and county governments to determine how to improve performance, procure and implement related solutions and promote change to staff, citizens and stakeholders.

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Return on Citizenship


The goal of our local government ERP services is to help you succeed in your mission to serve citizens. While our recommendations differ based on the needs of each client, this fundamental principle will never be compromised.

We help you achieve optimal performance while controlling costs, increasing communication and creating value for every affected employee and citizen. Our approach is based on best practices from both the public and private sector. We also leverage proprietary, fully-compliant methodologies.

Change Management Case Study


Panorama was tasked with determining the effectiveness of the change management component of a city government ERP project. Panorama conducted a review of the city’s current change management strategy and related documentation. Our team provided concise recommendations for improvement allowing the city to move forward and regain momentum. The city realized quantifiable improvements in their change management process in less than two months after the start of the engagement.

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